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somewhere, october 2022

From the beyond: A few days have passed since we played the last chords of QAR at the Knust in Hamburg (Ger) where we put this band to its eternal rest. We would like to thank the many people that came to the final four shows. We talked and mourned with people from all over Europe and even Japan. While all our social media channels will be deleted in due time, our legacy lives on in the shelves of your record collection. There we are forever.
Thanks to our fantastic crew:
Kathrin Eisenburger – TM & Merchandising
Sven D. Wilking – Merchandising & highway star
Daniel Heyn – Sound magician
Markus „Grimaldi“ Jabben – TM
David Fitt – Photographer
Thanks to the amazing (DOLCH) for excellent terminal care.
Your music is beyond words.
Extra thanks to Zoltan Jakab at Doomstar Bookings
Secrets of the Moon live 2022:

Phil Jonas – Vocals & Guitars
Michael Zech – Guitars & Vocals
Lars Plegge – Bass Guitar & Vocals
Alessandro Delastik – Drums
Kevin Olasz – Guitars
Jörg „Thelemnar“ Heemann – Guest drums in Hamburg

Picture by Voidrevelations